Sunday, 2 October 2011

An affair with soul sista.

*I am stealing Sca's title*

Have been M.I.A for a while..sorry >,<
Lots of thing have been goin on in my life..some are good..some are bad..well, that's life.
Anyway, thank God I have Sca we spend lots of time together..talking, eating, going for a cup of coffee etc.

Anyway, here are some pictures of us.

I am so glad that my 2 bestest friends are the least judgmental people.. That's exactly what I need. I don't need nosey people... Let alone judgmental people cos my life is already complicated as it is.

Anywaaayy, I have bought DUP falsies fixer, and is given dolly wink long mascara, dolly wink eyelashes no 1, eyemazing no 501, and also jewerich no. 4. So far, my DUP falsies glue is the best buy!! I am gonna do a post bout it later. I dyed my hair, my birthday has passed (it was awesome btw!!). I really need to be back into blogging mood.

Auckland weather has been lovely for these couple of days so I put on make up pretty much everyday.

Oh, I was so pissed last night. We were gonna go to some clubs in town but my passport is in immigration. So I brought my gaijin card. The 1st club, I could get into. The bouncer only asked me to show my date of birth. The 2nd club, the bouncers were deciding whether they could let me in or not. Sca told them that I am blimmin 23!! But they said I looked like underage! 1 of the bouncer said "she's cute!!!" but still they didn't let me in. The 3rd club, I couldn't even get in. I gave up so I took a walk and decided to go home. Seriously, I wish I look old enough to go to a club without being asked for ID. Do I look underage???

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