Saturday, 30 July 2011

NYX Eye Shadow Palette Makeup Set S104

I feel so bad for ditching Sca today but my parents are going back on Wednesday and I feel bad if I don't go with them for dinner.

Anyway, I took my make up gear to my sister's place cos I only had about 15 minutes before my brother picked me up. Sister did my make up on me. She used NYX Eye Shadow Pallette Makeup Set S104 that I have recently bought.

When I opened this palette, I was a lil bit disappointed. I thought the eyeshadows were big. It's much smaller than I expected. Nonetheless, I still love this product!

What I love about this palette, it has 78 eyeshadows!!!and also 6 face powders. Some of them are shimmer eyeshadows and some are matte which is great!!! It's highly pigmanted as well. Not to mention the price. It is pretty cheap. The only problem is, it's hard to get it in NZ =(

The reason I bought this was I was into nude and this palette had some brownish colors. Well, I was actually looking for NYX Smokey Kit Palette but it was out of stock.

This palette has become my 2nd favourite item (my dolly wink eye shadow palatte is still my no. 1 favourite item).

Anyway, Sister put my make up on. She did smokey eyes and I love it...

During the day, I used my usamimi, then I came back home to drop off futagochan and went out for dinner. I tied up my hair then I realise it doesn't suit me. I have chubby face and when I tie up my hair, it is showing my chubby face even more.

Messy hair after spending a day in windy Auckland

Sometime I wish I had strong cheek bones but instead of complaining, I just have to work with what I have.

Ugh, I love my hair soooo much but get sick of it so will cut it next week. I have been looking for Japanese hair salon and my friend recommends Poco a Poco on K'road so will give them a call sometimes next week and book an appointment for Sunday.

Friday, 29 July 2011

NYX Round Lipstick Circe - Thalia - Paris

Decided to do this quick post while futagochan are watching おかあさんといっしょ..
Circe - Thalia - Paris

Circe - Thalia - Paris

I bought  NYX Round Lisptick Circe, Thalia, and Paris for US$ 2.68 EACH. It's really cheap compare to NZ. I find a seller on trademe sells it for NZ$10 exc shipping. The shipping itself will cost around NZ$5 so probably will cost NZ$15 in total.

Circe is my favorite color so far. I have been looking for nude lipstick. I was so confused to choose between Circe or Honey. It seems Honey is more yellowish color so I ended up choosing Circe. I chose Paris cos of Sca. She brought it one day and I fell in love with the color. I heard Thalia's suitable for all skin tones.

I read it's non-smudging lipsticks but I wiped it with wetwipes and it's gone.

I wish there is a shop that sell NYX products in NZ cos it's really hard to choose the colors that will suit you if you don't try it.

Gah, my hands are so dry. I need hand cream. Knock knock Sca, L'occitane is having SALE!!!hihihihi

Thursday, 28 July 2011

NYX Haul

Sca showed me cherryculture website and I drooled over NYX products. I hear a lot of things about NYX products but I have never had a chance to try it. Sca and I decided to order some products from cherryculture. However, I found porkdaisy which offered extra 10% discount and cheaper shipping rates. So after few weeks thinking what I wanna get, I decided to get these items from porkdaisy. 

NYX Eye Shadow Pallette Makeup Set S104
It has 78 eyeshadows, 6 face powders (inc contour and highlight), and 2 applicators.

NYX Round Lipstick - Thalia, Paris, Circe
I was planning to buy 2 but ended up with 3 =( I found it hard to choose the colors. I don't know what colors suit me but I decided to take the

NYX Rouge Cream Blush - Natural 
I am a huge fan of cream blusher. So when I saw NYX cream blusher, I decided I have to get it but was unsure what colors I should get. DH told me not to get pinkish colors. So I decided to get natural. Lets see how it will turn up on my face.

NYX Auto Brow Pencil - Dark Brown
I wanted to get brow pencil so I chose this pencil. Haven't tried it. Haven't even opened it.

I can't remember how much in total but not more than US$50 cos I told DH I wouldn't spend more than US$50 (I used DH's credit card).

It took about less than 2 weeks for me to get it. I ordered it last week on Monday and it was sent out on Monday as well.

On the other hand, last night DH told me he's gonna order some stuff from Amazon Jp and he asked me if I wanted to get some stuff. I told him I wanted to get Diamond Lashes and Eyemazing. So I put Diamond Lashes and Eyemazing into the cart, he told me it would cost extra shipping for Diamond Lashes cos it's not directly from Amazon. I was so saaad. It was really cheap, around 900円 for 5 pairs but cos of the extra shipping cost, I decided to get Jewerich instead. I opened Amazon Jp this morning, DH haven't paid it. So he'll probably pay it today and it will be sent to house in Japan and MIL will send it to NZ so it's gonna take a while =(

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Why oh why

I have been checking AirNZ for a while now. We are planning to go to Japan in December, spend Christmas and New Year in Japan with MIL. However, the price has gone up. Futagochan are counted as children, not infants anymore. Told DH what if we took JetStar instead of AirNZ but he said it's not a good idea to use a budget airline when you're traveling with young children. He told me to wait cos sometimes they had some deals. 

If there're no cheap flight from AirNZ, then futagochan and I might stay in NZ while DH goes back or he might not go back at all.

Oh, I just bought Kate gradical eye shadow for NZ$20 (inc shipping) from a trademe member - Strawberrypark. She sells Japanese cosmetics and clothes with reasonable price. My eye shadow should be here soon.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

New shoes

Last week, I went to Sylvia Park. Walked pass Hannah and there were big signs "ALL BOOTS $99.95 OR LESS" So I went inside. I have been wanting these boots but at that time it was not on sale, so it was around NZ$120ish. My mum has offered me to buy these and it was too good to resist. So I bought it. 

I found these boots in CottonOn. I was looking for another type of boots. DH gave me money for Mother's Day pressie and I used it to buy these boots. Sca and I ended up getting the same boots <3<3

But I only will use it when I go out alone. I don't think I am brave enough to use these shoes when I am out with futagochan. I prefer to use flat shoes when I am out with futagochan.

What's in my make up box part 3: Falsies

I am really bad with falsies. I always wanna buy more. DH says I only have 2 eyes, why on earth I have so many falsies, eye shadows, etc. Then I tell him he only has 2 ears but why on earth he has so many earphone and headphone.LOL.

Ever Doll - 06 Gorgeous.
I told DH to get me Dolly wink but he got me Ever Doll. He said it sounded same. LOL. Anyway, I was a bit reluctant when I saw it but fell it love after I used it. DH bought no 2, 4, and 6. At the moment, I am using no. 4. It has clear band. I love falsies with clear bands. I used no 2 to lure Sca into falsies.LOL. It's a bit pricey compare to other falsies. It's 525円 per pair while other falsies cost around 800円 - 1200円 for 5 pairs.

Decorative Eyelash - half falsies
I was looking for half falsies and when I checked amazon Jp, I found this falsies. I put it into cart but I was still looking for other half falsies. Apparently DH bought it. I think it's about 800円 - 1000円 which is really cheap cos there are 5 pairs. I use it only when I am in hurry or when I feel lazy to put on full falsies.

Dolly wink - no. 1

Dolly wink - no 6
I wanted to try dolly wink and finally DH bought the right ones *phew* Isn't Tsubasa Masuwaka cute???? No 1 is for upper lashes and no 6 is for bottom lashes. I was thinking to get no 5 but somehow I ended up choosing no I haven't tried it yet cos I opened limited edition version.

Dolly wink Eyelashes case
Decorative half falsies - Dolly Wink no 2 - Dolly Wink no 6
I wanted to try dolly wink no 6 but haven't had a chance. Every time I go out with DH, he get grumpy cos I spend ages doing my make up. Dolly wink lashes are really looong. I love it. DH says it's too long. Each dolly wink lashes cost 1260円。It comes with 2 pair of falsies. In NZ, they sell it for NZ$50. I won't buy it in NZ. NZ$50 is pretty much my grocery money for half a week!!
Oh, I need to clean my falsies soon.

What's in my make up box part 2: Eyes

I love eye make up, that's why I have heaps of items for eye make up.

Maybelline Gel eyeliner - 01 Black
Bought it in Malaysia. My mum was there and I asked her if she could get it for me but apparently they sell it in NZ too. It's about NZ$20 but if you check trademe, try to search a member name skatestuff. She sells cosmetic pretty cheap.

Kate Gel Eye Liner - Deep Blue
My sister went on a business trip to Thailand last month. She got me this gel eye liner. It says deep blue but it's really dark. I used it when I went to my sister's place and she thought I was using my usual black eye liner. She told me there were heaps of Japanese cosmetic in Thailand.

Kate Gel Eye Shadow - PU1
I bought in Yodobashi, back when we were in Japan in 2009. I just started buying cosmetic. DH loves yodobashi and when we went there, I asked him if we could go to the cosmetic section so I ended up buying it. If you look at the picture, it looks like light purple but when you actually use it, it only looks shimmery, does not look like light purple.

Color Revolution Eye Primer
I bought it for NZ$20 from Save Direct. Well, the price was actually NZ$37.43 but I bought a voucher from one of the dealsite $20 worth $40. Save Direct is highly recommended. My order did not come within 3-5 days as they told. 1 of the staff emailed me, asking if I had received my order. I told him I had received nothing so he sent another one and told me to let him know if I had not got it yet again.

Dolly Wink Eye Shadow Palette no. 1
When DH went to Japan in last December, I told him to get me Canmake gradation eyeshadow but he got me dolly wink instead. I fell in love at first sight. I use it every time I go out. It costed DH 1680円. Oh, it also came with an instruction how to use it.

Elite Eye Shadow - Peche and Lilas
I bought this along with my maybelline blush. It's about NZ$7 but I haven't tried it yet. I like the color but I don't go out often. Might try it soon though.

Wonder Eyelid Tape
I bought it for NZ$34 (or 35) from TopFashionist. As you know, I don't wanna buy Japanese product in NZ but the sales assistant tried this tape on me and I felt bad if I didn't buy it. I love this product! I tried normal tape but it didn't work. I have really weird eyes, 1 doublelid and 1 monolid and the monolid 1, tape didn't work. I tried glue but it made my eyes so dry so this double sided tape is perfect for me. However, sometime I find it hard to apply it on my eyes. Well, practice makes perfect.

Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow - Sandy Dusk
I bought this item from nzsale for NZ$6. Oh, I love nzsale!!! I am into nude colors at the moment so this palette is perfect. The eyeshadow on the top is matte while the other 2 are shimmer eyeshadow. Only used once, last week.
MUFE Aqua Cream - Shade 2
Bought it from MUFE Indonesia. Can't remember how much but MUFE is a bix expensive. I was just walking pass MUFE and I saw their aqua cream edition on display. I fell in love. The make up artist applied it on my eyes along with shade 1 (picture below). I ended up buying both. It's creamy and pigmented.

MUFE Aqua Cream - Shade 1
I use it not only for eyeshadow but also eyeliner. So I use my pencil eyeliner and dab it with MUFE aqua cream so it won't smudge.
Maybelline Eye Studio - 107 Silver Stunner
I bought it from nzsale (again!) for NZ$6. Haven't really tried it so can't say much about it
Maybellne Eye Studio - Purple Pearl
I bought it from nzsale (again!!!) for NZ$6. Well, it was really cheap and DH told me to get few items instead of one. Haven't tried it but I love the colors.

TBS Eye Colour - 44
I bought it when I was in Indo. It was a year ago so I can't remember how much it was. It is a shimmer eyeshadow. I like the color. I usually use not too much otherwise it's gonna be too green.

TBS Eye Colour - 20
I bought it in Indonesia. Haven't used that much. In fact, I forgot I had this 

Bourjois Noir & Blanc
It's my love. When I was in Indonesia, I was looking for a white eyeliner. Went to Bourjois and found this. I think it was about Rp 100.000. It comes with black and white eyeliner but I mostly use white part cos I prefer to use black gel eyeliner.
Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner
I bought it in Indonesia for Rp 50.000. Can't believe how much it is. I ended up buying 2. However, it smudges easily, that's why I use my MUFE aqua cream shade 1 so it won't smudge.
Bourjos Effet Lumiere Eyeshadow Trio - 46 Les Argents
I bought it when I was into smokey eyes. I love bourjois unfortunately, it's really hard to find it in NZ. I barely find it and if I do, they don't have the products I wanted =(
I think Bourjois in Indonesia is not that pricey but I was so suprised when I checked bourjois Japan. It's pretty expensive. Local brand is much cheaper.

Revlon Double Twist
Don't buy this product!! It clumps!!! So I ended up using it only for few times. Wonder why I haven't chucked it away.

Dolly Wink Mascara Long
LOVE this mascara. DH bought it when he was back in Japan last December. He called me to ask if I wanted to get black liquid for eyes. When he came back, he gave me a bag filled with my cosmetics. The black liquid for eyes, turned out it was a mascara. I love love love this product!!! The brush is really soft. It give length to my lashes. It's pretty cheap as well. DH bought it for 1575円. DH and my Japanese friend tell me dolly wink is targeted for high school girl so it won't be that expensive.

Bourjois Mascara Volume Clubbing
I can't remember how much it was but probably around Rp 100.000. It also gives length to my lashes but I don't know if it's waterproof or not. Due to the weather changing in Auckland, I need a waterproof mascara.

Covergirl Eyeshadow - 220 Urban Basics
Bought it from the warehouse. Can't remember how much it was. I, basically, use the browns and white.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact - Brownie
Bought it duty free. It's shimmer eyeshadows. Perfect for going out at night (read clubbing). I only use it on special occasions.
Bourjois Ombre Stretch - 02 Maxi Blanc & 03 Extensible
I bought Maxi Blanc in Indonesia. I love it. So when my mum called asking if I wanted to get something. I told her I wanted Bourjois Ombre Stretch extensinble cos I can't find it in NZ =( I love the brush that comes with it as well.

Oh, I got that headband for NZ$2 from CottonOn. They were having sale and it was too good to be missed. Don't we all love sale?

Monday, 25 July 2011

What's in my make up box part 1: face and lips.

I thought I would do a (useless) post "what's in my make up box". So here we go.

Clinique Moisturizing Lotion

This item is a must for me. I use it on daily basis otherwise my skin will be so dry. It's for very dry to dry combination skin. Don't know how much cos my mum gave it to me last year after she went to Malaysia. She probably bought it at the duty free. It came with two bottles and the picture above is the unopened one.
Loreal Secret Studio Foundation 143 Gold Amber.
I bought it from 1-day, probably last month. They had cosmetic sale so it was a good bargain. I bought it for around NZ$11. Unfortunately the brush doesn't really work so I have to use a sponge.

Clinique Blended Face Powder and Brush 03 Transparency
My mum gave it to me. She told me to use this instead of compact powder. Futagochan love to play with the brush.LOL.

Revlon PhotoReady Powder 030
I bought this cos of Sca. She brought it along with her one day and I tried it. I fell in love with it instantly. It makes my skin really smooth, like baby skin. So I thought I had to have this item. So off I went to Farmers and found out it costed NZ$40ish. Can't remember how much exactly it is but it is pretty pricey. So I opened trademe, hoping to find a brand new powder with good price. I found this product right away for NZ$28, which I thought it was reasonable. Apparently the seller has her own shop. I bought it from makeupforless. This shop is highly recommended.  

Candy Doll Face Powder
I found this product accidentally when Sca and I went to Ippondo at Atrium on Elliot. The sales assistant tried it on Sca's hand and I fell it love with it but it costs around NZ$64. Having a Japanese husband, sure I can utilise him. I do not wanna pay something that costs me NZ$64 while I can get it for cheaper price. So when he went back in June, I asked him to get it for me. Told him it's available in Loft. Not sure where he got it but at least he got it. I haven't tried it yet though. 

Maybelline Mineral Power Blush - Fresh Plum
DH checked nzsale one day and he told me there were some maybelline products. Hmmm. It was too good to be missed so I ended up buying few products. It costed me NZ$10. I haven't opened it (>,<) 

Sportsgirl Cheek and Eye Shimmer
Sca went to OZ for holiday a while ago. She got me this while she was there. OH MY, I totally love the colors. It has pink, brown, and dark gold (?). I am not too sure about the dark gold cos I might be wrong. I used it once and it gave me instant glow.

Bourjois Blush - 32 Ambre D'or
I bought it when I was in Indonesia last year. Can't remember where I bought it or how much it was. It give me natural look but it's really hard. It's not powderish. Even Sca said it's hard. It might be a baked blush series but I am not sure.

Flirt! - 20 Bronze Goddess
I bought this item for $6.50 from trademe. I used it onl for a couple of times. Looking forward to summer so I can use it more often.

Canmake Cream Cheek - 09 Pinky Rose
This is my favorite blush. I was looking for a pinkish blusher and this cream cheek's perfect. So when DH went to Japan, I told him to get this cream cheek. He called me saying he was embarrased to ask the sales assistant cos he's a guy but I told him to get it. It's really...really cheap. It's only 609円. I can't believe shops in here selling it for NZ$29. That's why I prefer to buy Japanese cosmetic in Japan cos it's much much cheaper. Oh, it's also highly pigmented. A really good product for that price. Can't wait to go to Japan to get my hands on more Canmake products.

L'oreal Infallible Longwear Lip Duo Compact - 105 Golden Taffetta
I bought this along with the foundation at 1-day. It costed me NZ$9 while the RRP is NZ$20ish. It's highly pigmented. I swatched it on my hand few days ago and I forgot to clean it with eye-lip make up remover and it stayed for around 3 days but it was because I wipe it with eye-lip make up remover. It is a bit shimmery as well.

Etude - Dear Darling Gloss
I bought it last year in Indonesia. Can't remember how much it was but it was not that expensive. I use it only to Uni.

Some of the pictures don't turn out that great. When I was in the middle of taking pictures, the sun hid and dark clouds came =(