Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A hell of a good night.

So last week we went to Primo. Before that, we were drinking at Sca's apartment. Honestly thought, I was planning in joining them but DH had been a jerk for the last few days so I thought, "I'm not gonna stay at home being scolded and nagged all the time"

Anyway, we had so much fun. Some of us were gone...Some of us were half gone...

Pre-party photo


Sca's scalp. LOL

New couple xD
Smooch smooch smooch
I think I will tell you a story. LOL. Sca and her bf have just recently started to go out and they were smooching whole night. I told my friend, "DAMN!!!I ENVY HER!!! I've got no one to smooch" so when they smooched, my friend told me not to look at them...cos apparently he was jealous as well.MUAHAHAHAHA.

Tyler was hiding...
Now you can see Tyler.. but OMG!!! Look at his hands! ROFL

I was sitting down to rest my feet. Mind you, I was wearing almost 10cm wedges and this guy dragged me to the dance floor again so I took my shoes off and started dancing non stop.

Last drink of the night
Well, it was some of us last drink of the night. Some of us had another round of wine. We were all tired but hungry so we went to burger king to grab something to eat.

PS. DH knew where I went. I guess I am lucky to have an open minded husband. He doesn't mind at all if I go to a club and come home in the morning. Well, we need our social life and we take turn. Last week, he went out with his friend and the next day, I went out with my friends. This week, he's off to Kaitaia with his friends for 2 days and I'll go out with my friends on Saturday but futagochan are still our priority.

all photos credit: Meru and I AM 

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