Monday, 2 January 2012

Christmas Haul pt 2

So basically I ordered these items before Christmas but I'd to wait til the boys're back from Japan.

I am so excited to get these items and really...really can't wait to try it.

These items were purchased from cos Ken'ichi didn't have time to go around and look for it one by one. At first, I just gave all the links to Ken'ichi so he had idea what to get but he ended up getting it from Amazon.

AB Mezaik Fiber 120 pcs 
 Actually I'd been thinking to get it for a while but I was a bit reluctant cos it's pretty pricey but I put it in the cart anyway. I didn't know that he was gonna get it from amazon so I thought, "even though I show it to him, I don't think he's gonna get it." Ken'ichi ended up buying all items that I had put in Amazon cart so I am so happy to get it and really can't wait to try it as I hear pros and cons about this product. I bought it for 2060円

K-Palette Eyeliner - Super Black
 At first, I wanted to get the limited edition but I couldn't find it. I have heard a lot about this product. I wanted to get dolly wink eyeliner too but I didn't see the point of having 2 similiar type of eyeliners. I bought it for 1133円.

The rests are just falsies.. I can never have enough of
Diamond Lash - Princess eyes (bottom lashes) - 926円
Eyemazing 201 and 202 (bottom lashes) - 1,249円 each

Eyemazing 502 - 1,041円
I was checking my falsies collections last night and I realised I've spent over 12,000only for falsies..oops.

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