Sunday, 14 August 2011


After 3 weeks waiting, I, finally, got my haircut done!!! I booked an appointment at poco a poco on K'road last week. Unfortunately, I was late =(

Anyway, my hairstylist was Masa. My friend told me he's really good. I think he was kinda surprise to see the condition of my hair. Damaged from perm and constant bleaching. He decided to cut off the end of it. He didn't cut much but I still had to pay $50. Anyway, I totally love the result. I'll just post pictures cos I don't have much time.

Right after I got out of the salon
Too bad it was too windy today =(((

Few hours later

I was in hurry so my make up was kinda messy. I did it at Sca's place and they were waiting for me to finish my make up so we could go for lunch.

However, when I got home, DH was not happy with my make up. He said it's a bit tooo much =( Oh well.

Oh, great news!!! Sca just moved in to the apartment behind the apartment where I am living at the moment.

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