Sunday, 7 August 2011

Kate Gradical Eyes - GY1

Today, out of the blue, I asked Sca to go out for dinner. I have been so busy with practicum, assignments, futagochan, chores, etc. We all came down with cold. Futagochan got it first and then I got it yesterday. Probably too much kisses and cuddles.

Anyway, since I had bought my Kate gradical eyes in GY1, I thought it was a good time to try it out. I don't go out often but when I do, I always put make up on, unless I go to school or kindy.

I bought it from trademe for NZ$20 inc shipping so I thought it was not that expensive cos some shops might sell it for NZ$30ish or even NZ$40.

KATE Gradical eyes - GY1

It comes with eye base which is great if you don't have an eye base. This palette is kinda...ok.. It's not that great. Yes, the colors are lovely. In fact, I love the colors buuuuttt I had to apply it 3x to get the colors. I applied it once but it was still nothing. The deep color (the one on the left) is the only color that I applied once.

Oh, it also comes with a double ended applicator (sponge and brush) but I prefer using my own brush.

I might try other Kate product but I don't think I would buy gradical eyes again.

Anywaaayy, Sca and I were planning to go to Covo and had pizza but apparently they were fully booked so we ended up in Thai restaurant then off we went to hulucat. We ordered mango slushy with pearl, strawberry green tea with lychee jelly, cheesy fries, and cheesy nugget.

No wonder we are getting fat because whenever we meet, we always eat a lot.

Sadly, we didn't have time to take picture cos she had to catch bus.

But I took pics when I got home..hehehehe

love my eye make up xD
I use dolly wink eyelashes a lot. I am using no 1 on the picture. LOVEEE IT!!! I am still waiting for my Jewerich and Eyemazing.

It's amazing that eyeshadows, eyeliner, and falsies can make your eyes look totally different!!

I am also using NYX Circe on the picture. I love the color but have to re-apply it pretty much every 2-3 hours.

showing off my new shoes! >,<
So I am off now. will sleep soon. お休み <3<3<3


  1. i wanna buy visee eyeshadow palette instead, i heard its much more pigmented than kate and canmake =D

    u should buy from , their price is quite reasonable

    i love your dolly wink lashes <33333 *steal it*
    though i wish the lighting is better so i can see the color clearer T_T <3

  2. Thanks Hun..will work on the lighting issue. I am wondering if it's cos my lights are yellow, not white..hmm...but will do another swatches during the day when it's sunny <3