Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Why oh why

I have been checking AirNZ for a while now. We are planning to go to Japan in December, spend Christmas and New Year in Japan with MIL. However, the price has gone up. Futagochan are counted as children, not infants anymore. Told DH what if we took JetStar instead of AirNZ but he said it's not a good idea to use a budget airline when you're traveling with young children. He told me to wait cos sometimes they had some deals. 

If there're no cheap flight from AirNZ, then futagochan and I might stay in NZ while DH goes back or he might not go back at all.

Oh, I just bought Kate gradical eye shadow for NZ$20 (inc shipping) from a trademe member - Strawberrypark. She sells Japanese cosmetics and clothes with reasonable price. My eye shadow should be here soon.

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