Saturday, 16 July 2011

Japanese Cosmetic

Well, I am totally in love with Japanese drug store cosmetics. It is so cheap yet really good. So when DH went to Japan last Dec, I asked him to get canmake gradation eyeshadow and dollywink falsies. He came back with dolly wink eyeshadow palette no 1 and some everdoll falsies. Oh, he bought me dolly wink mascara too. It was so funny. He called me from Japan, "do you wanna get black liquid for your eyes???" I had no clue what the hell he was talking about but he bought it anyway and it turned up to be dolly wink mascara..sigh.guys.

In June this year, he went back again. I asked him to get me candy doll face powder, dollywink falsies no 1 and 6, and canmake cream cheek. This time I made sure he got the right items for me. I sent the pictures of the items I wanted so many times. hihihi. Well, when he came back, I was surprised. He got the right items. 

So he bought a candy doll face powder (¥1680), a dolly wink limited edition, no 1, and no 6 (each ¥1200) and a canmake cream cheek no 9 (can't remember the price but probably around ¥600)

dolly wink no 2
I am planning to go there in December and already looking forward to go to drugstore or yodobashi and donki...

my girl and I before heading to town.

my fav pic so far
As far as I know, there are 2 shops that sell Japanese cosmetic but I have never bought anything from there. Well, I bought wonder eyelid tape but that's it. Why? Because it's really expensive. For canmake cream cheek, they sell it for bout $29 and if I bought it in Japan, it would only cost me prob about nz$10. They almost triple the price. Even dollywink falsies, it's bout $50 here in NZ (¥1260 is around nz$20). I won't spend that much money only for falsies. So whenever DH orders stuff from or when he goes back to Japan, I always ask him to get some cosmetic for me. He complains (he's a guy but he buys cosmetic rah rah) but he still buys it for me.

I went to Dressmart few weeks ago. I checked cotton on and found usamimi so I bought it right away. Was so surprised it only costed me $2 cos it's $6 according to the price tag.

just got back after having dinner with my good friend who came to visited his brother.

Went to sister's home and she styled with my hair. 
Oh, I have been a blonde for almost a year now and I think it's time to be a brunette. Will do it when futagochan are asleep.

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