Thursday, 21 July 2011


I have become a brunette. I was sick havin blonde hair. I was really bored then I realized I had 4 colors, black, dark blonde, medium brown, and light brown. Wasn't planning to change it anytime soon but when I went to the warehouse to get pudding cups, I found they're having sale for Schwarzkopf either essential or brilliance 2 boxes for $20. It was to good to be missed so I took 2 boxes of light brown right away.

When I was dying my hair, DH came home and he decided to help me but but but he kept saying "you need to comb your hair!!"

Anyway, I am happy with the color.

Back to my weeknd. Well, nothing better then spending a Sunday night with a good friend.

My girl, Sca, came to my apartment. She had been stayin in Oz for 3 weeks and it was really good to catch up with her. She gave me bronzer-eyeshadow-blusher, a cookie book (it comes with cookie cutters), and also 2 soft toys for futagochan.

We waited until DH came home and we went to tanpopo. Man, they have the best ramen in Auckland. DH and I used to go when we were dating until I was heavily pregnant but after futagochan were born, we found it hard to go and have lunch/dinner outside.

Oh, so Sca and I ordered Tonkotsu shoyu ramen and extra noodle. We were starving. Well, it didn't take that long to finish it. After that, we went to hulucat to drink pearl tea (I believe Japanese say it tapioca). I ordered lychee slushy with pearl, cheesy French fries, and Original Belgian waffle. I can't remember what Sca ordered. I only remember it's less sugar.LOL.

We had a really good time. Eavesdropping other people conversation. Well, they talked loud enough for us to hear it.

Before heading home
Just realised I use this outfit pretty often cos it makes me warm.
and again >,<
Well, living in Auckland means you have to prepare for rain all the time. Some days, it can be sunny for whole day, some days, it can be raining while sunny, some days can be raining-sunny-raining-sunny, and some days can be raining for almost whole day, not to mention the wind..sigh..nonetheless, I still love this country.

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