Thursday, 28 July 2011

NYX Haul

Sca showed me cherryculture website and I drooled over NYX products. I hear a lot of things about NYX products but I have never had a chance to try it. Sca and I decided to order some products from cherryculture. However, I found porkdaisy which offered extra 10% discount and cheaper shipping rates. So after few weeks thinking what I wanna get, I decided to get these items from porkdaisy. 

NYX Eye Shadow Pallette Makeup Set S104
It has 78 eyeshadows, 6 face powders (inc contour and highlight), and 2 applicators.

NYX Round Lipstick - Thalia, Paris, Circe
I was planning to buy 2 but ended up with 3 =( I found it hard to choose the colors. I don't know what colors suit me but I decided to take the

NYX Rouge Cream Blush - Natural 
I am a huge fan of cream blusher. So when I saw NYX cream blusher, I decided I have to get it but was unsure what colors I should get. DH told me not to get pinkish colors. So I decided to get natural. Lets see how it will turn up on my face.

NYX Auto Brow Pencil - Dark Brown
I wanted to get brow pencil so I chose this pencil. Haven't tried it. Haven't even opened it.

I can't remember how much in total but not more than US$50 cos I told DH I wouldn't spend more than US$50 (I used DH's credit card).

It took about less than 2 weeks for me to get it. I ordered it last week on Monday and it was sent out on Monday as well.

On the other hand, last night DH told me he's gonna order some stuff from Amazon Jp and he asked me if I wanted to get some stuff. I told him I wanted to get Diamond Lashes and Eyemazing. So I put Diamond Lashes and Eyemazing into the cart, he told me it would cost extra shipping for Diamond Lashes cos it's not directly from Amazon. I was so saaad. It was really cheap, around 900円 for 5 pairs but cos of the extra shipping cost, I decided to get Jewerich instead. I opened Amazon Jp this morning, DH haven't paid it. So he'll probably pay it today and it will be sent to house in Japan and MIL will send it to NZ so it's gonna take a while =(


  1. nice haul! I want to try nyx cream blush, but now I don't have a budget for it, hiks, lol..!

  2. Thanks <3
    How much is it cream blush in Indonesia?
    I don't have a budget to buy cosmetic this month and probably next month. Lets see how long I will survive without buying new