Friday, 29 July 2011

NYX Round Lipstick Circe - Thalia - Paris

Decided to do this quick post while futagochan are watching おかあさんといっしょ..
Circe - Thalia - Paris

Circe - Thalia - Paris

I bought  NYX Round Lisptick Circe, Thalia, and Paris for US$ 2.68 EACH. It's really cheap compare to NZ. I find a seller on trademe sells it for NZ$10 exc shipping. The shipping itself will cost around NZ$5 so probably will cost NZ$15 in total.

Circe is my favorite color so far. I have been looking for nude lipstick. I was so confused to choose between Circe or Honey. It seems Honey is more yellowish color so I ended up choosing Circe. I chose Paris cos of Sca. She brought it one day and I fell in love with the color. I heard Thalia's suitable for all skin tones.

I read it's non-smudging lipsticks but I wiped it with wetwipes and it's gone.

I wish there is a shop that sell NYX products in NZ cos it's really hard to choose the colors that will suit you if you don't try it.

Gah, my hands are so dry. I need hand cream. Knock knock Sca, L'occitane is having SALE!!!hihihihi


  1. I alwaaayss want to try this 3 shades, thalia look so pretty :D

  2. Thalia looks a bit dark somehow. I, however, loveee Circe xD