Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What's in my make up box part 3: Falsies

I am really bad with falsies. I always wanna buy more. DH says I only have 2 eyes, why on earth I have so many falsies, eye shadows, etc. Then I tell him he only has 2 ears but why on earth he has so many earphone and headphone.LOL.

Ever Doll - 06 Gorgeous.
I told DH to get me Dolly wink but he got me Ever Doll. He said it sounded same. LOL. Anyway, I was a bit reluctant when I saw it but fell it love after I used it. DH bought no 2, 4, and 6. At the moment, I am using no. 4. It has clear band. I love falsies with clear bands. I used no 2 to lure Sca into falsies.LOL. It's a bit pricey compare to other falsies. It's 525円 per pair while other falsies cost around 800円 - 1200円 for 5 pairs.

Decorative Eyelash - half falsies
I was looking for half falsies and when I checked amazon Jp, I found this falsies. I put it into cart but I was still looking for other half falsies. Apparently DH bought it. I think it's about 800円 - 1000円 which is really cheap cos there are 5 pairs. I use it only when I am in hurry or when I feel lazy to put on full falsies.

Dolly wink - no. 1

Dolly wink - no 6
I wanted to try dolly wink and finally DH bought the right ones *phew* Isn't Tsubasa Masuwaka cute???? No 1 is for upper lashes and no 6 is for bottom lashes. I was thinking to get no 5 but somehow I ended up choosing no I haven't tried it yet cos I opened limited edition version.

Dolly wink Eyelashes case
Decorative half falsies - Dolly Wink no 2 - Dolly Wink no 6
I wanted to try dolly wink no 6 but haven't had a chance. Every time I go out with DH, he get grumpy cos I spend ages doing my make up. Dolly wink lashes are really looong. I love it. DH says it's too long. Each dolly wink lashes cost 1260円。It comes with 2 pair of falsies. In NZ, they sell it for NZ$50. I won't buy it in NZ. NZ$50 is pretty much my grocery money for half a week!!
Oh, I need to clean my falsies soon.


  1. Dolly wink lashes is too cute! haha
    thanks for visit my blog though :D

    I haven't try all my lashes, have you?

  2. Indeed!!!I love dolly wink lashes but I wanna try diamond lashes. I heard it's pretty good.

    I still have some that are unopened. Feel hesitate to use it cos it's hard to get it =(

    Thanks for visiting my blog xD

  3. Haha I wanna try diamond lashes too, I think the quality is same as Decorative eyelashes *maybe.

    lol I haven't try my dolly wink because it's expensive. -_-

  4. Oii Jess.. Fendy nihh...Masi inget gaaa..