Thursday, 21 July 2011

Young mum

I am, often, asked how it feels to be a young mum. 

Sometimes, I don't know what to say. Being a young mum, it is hard but it is fun. 

I got pregnant when I was 19, futagochan was born when I was 20. A lot of people told me that I would miss out the fun etc but to be honest, I got bored with partying and stuff. So when I found out I was pregnant, I knew what my priorities were. I had no problem staying at home, looking after DH and futagochan. DH had been encouraging me to go out so I could have some me-time but at that time, I felt I wasn't ready to go out by myself. 

Every time I went out by myself, I always felt something missing. No stroller to push, no diaper bags. I just started to go out recently because I found it hard to go out with futagochan. They refuse to sit on their stroller so I barely use stroller, not to mention when they throw tantrum. 

Being a young mum, doesn't limit my activities. I still go to uni. Well, I had to hold back my uni because at that time, I couldn't cope well with newborns etc but it didn't stop me from finishing my study. I really don't understand young mums who give up their education and don't wanna pursue it. Education is really important you know. When you have a degree, you are more likely to get a better job to support your children. The reason I decided to continue my study is because of futagochan as well.

People often underestimate me cos I am a young mum, they think I know nothing bout raising children cos I am young. Well. honestly, I knew nothing but over the pas 2.5 years, I learnt how to raise children, how to cook children's food, and yet many more learning to do in the future. 

When you see a young mum, please DO NOT stare and whisper cos it's really rude. When futagochan and I were in Indonesia, people were starring at us and they even whispered. How rude that was?!?! Mostly obaachans but I found a really nice obaachan, she had twins and she said it was a lot of hard work but at the end it was all worth it. 

Apparently, it does not only happen in Indonesia. Even in here, I was at the warehouse stationary with futagochan and Sca. There were bunch of Indonesian, walking passed us, and 1 of them said with pretty loud voice, "is she their mum???" I turned my back and starred at them. I found it really rude! However, it did not stop there. When we were paying at the cashier, these people were there. They were starring at us. It was bloody obvious. So Sca and I decided to walk passed them. Sca talked to me in Indonesian, and they were so shocked. The people they were talking about actually shared the language. HA!!!

I remember I have a friend who envy me cos I am married and have kids. She wanted to get married but her parents did not allow her until she finished her study. I told her it's not as easy as she might think. Caring baby took so much energy, not to mention when they're crying non-stop. She told me if that's the case, she could ask her nanny to take care of her baby. 

Well, last year, she finally got married and probably 3 months ago, she gave birth. From what I could tell, she found it hard and frustrating so she ended up hiring a full time nanny. One of her friend told her the same thing she told me, envy cos she's married and have a baby. Surprisingly, she told her that it's better to wait until she's ready...

Anyway, we are gonna have fish and chips for tonight, along with salad. Better start preparing dinner now >,<


  1. woww cool~
    i don;t like ppl who hired nanny to take care of their child~ -.-"

  2. Indeed. I really don't see a point to hire a nanny.